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Cutting Trees Down to Size in Andover, Hampshire

Trees that have significantly outgrown their welcome must be brought back down to size. Choose the assistance of Arboriculture Specialist, in Andover, Hampshire, to do just that with our tree pollarding. While this prevents the complete dismantling of a tree, we are also able to provide stump grinding to remove the remnants of trees that did have to be removed.

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Rebalancing Oversized Trees

Growing trees will often end up out of shape and too large for their surroundings. In the more extreme cases, pollarding the entire tree is the most effective solution to rebalance the tree without having to remove it.

Pollarding involves removing the top of the tree and many branches to promote new growth and significantly reduce the size of the tree.

This will allow your property or the surrounding plants to receive the much-needed light that they have been missing. We will always visit your property prior to starting the service in order to ensure that pollarding offers the best resolution. 

Grinding out Stumps

When a tree has died or been dismantled, you are often left with the unpleasant sight of a stump on your landscape. Working with both domestic and commercial customers, we are able to provide a stump grinding service that will get rid of it for good. Through the use of small machines to access tight spaces, a 360 digger for large extractions, and the Ecoplug™ stump treatment, we will fully remove the stump. Clients simply need to get in touch with us to arrange an inspection, during which a free quote will be provisioned.

Contact us now, in Andover, Hampshire, to obtain more details regarding our tree pollarding and stump grinding.