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Dismantling Troublesome Trees in Andover, Hampshire

When pruning or pollarding a tree does not achieve the desired result, you may have to resort to tree dismantling. At Arboriculture Specialist, in Andover, Hampshire, we safely and efficiently dismantle problematic trees, while also offering tree crown services to lift and reduce their size. A thorough site visit and assessment will always take place in order to ensure that we are providing the best solution.

Assessing the Work

Customers get in touch with us to request our dismantling, and during the call we schedule a site inspection. On completion of this, we will visit the council to ensure that there are no site protection orders before issuing a free, initial written quote to the customer. Once the price is agreed, we will schedule the work. Please note, however, that there is currently a three-week lead time for our dismantling.

Clearing the Area

Every tree that we remove will be lowered in a safe and efficient manner in order to prevent any surrounding damage from occurring.

Once it is horizontal, we will begin to dismantle it, with it being cleared from your site or left in log form depending on your requirements.

Safety First

All of the equipment necessary for the dismantling is supplied by us, and we ensure that the area is left clean and tidy following the completion of the job. We take safety very seriously, and have applied a number of covering measures, including taking out a £10m public liability insurance policy and having our kits LOLER tested, which means that they are safe for loading and climbing. These kits must be tested every six months, while the rigging kits are checked annually.

Individually Priced

The size of the tree, along with potential dangers caused by surroundings, will determine the overall cost of the job. The situation will be assessed during the site survey, which culminates in the provision of a quote. Regardless of additional details, we strive to offer competitive prices.

Lifting and Reducing Crowns

Removing the straggly branches at the bottom of the tree lifts the crown, improving its appearance immeasurably. Following this, many people also opt to have the crown reduced in size, which involves trimming the branches and leaves to decrease the tree's outward growth. The work is carried out in a professional manner using ropes to ensure that we are safe.

An inspection is required prior to this service in order to make sure that there are no bird or bat nests in the tree. The price and timescale of the job will depend on the work necessary and where the tree is located in regard to the property.

Contact us now, in Andover, Hampshire, to receive more information about our tree dismantling and crown services.